‚ÄčKolva-Sullivan Gallery, at the West End of Downtown Spokane, was crafted by owners Jim Kolva and Pat Sullivan from a derelict warehouse next to the BNSF Railroad viaduct.  For over a decade, the exhibition space has hosted a range of work from prints, to paintings to performance.   Our goal is to provide a space for artists of all media who might not otherwise be able to exhibit their work, and make it available to the Spokane region.  It is not our intent to respresent artists, but most importantly to give them an opportunity to show and sell work.  

Contemporary studo ceramics is our passion and our inspiration stems from the Archie Bray in Helena, Montana.  We discovered the Bray over 30 years ago and find the place, the people, and the work made there as exciting as the first day we explored it's grounds.  We've been fortunate to host our annual Archie Bray resident show and to share the Bray with Spokane since 2002.  

We collect art.  We are ever curious.  We are are drawn to galleries.  We relish poking through artist studios to see how artists work, to observe what surrounds, and learn what influences.  We enjoy the serendipitous encounter and the discovery of creative expression.  We live in a home fully integrated with the art we love, and that represents the artists we call friends.

Note about artwork:  The masthead strips are images from Marilyn Lyshoir's "Good Girls 1968" that was hosted by Kolva-Sullivan in August/September 2010.  
The thumbnail in the corner is Monument for Laika, by John Byrd (2001) in Kolva-Sullivan collection.